Mounting instructions facade letters

Mount the males spacer section on the back ofthe letter (per 10 cm capital height use 1 male section, with a minimum of 3 for a 30 cm letter). Mount the male section with Permacol or Ruplo glue on the letter. Always clean the surface to be bonded with a surface cleaner!  
Place the letters accurately on the assembly drawing and press into the printing paper (the sharp points of the spacers gives an impression on the paper). To improve the result one could use a thin piece of cardboard under the drawing.  


Place or tape the assembly drawing to the surface. (If the surface is not flat, it is recommended that the assembly drawing be pasted on cardboard or thin board). Drill through the marked points on the drawing into the surface in order to allocate the position of the spacers.  


The white part (female) should then be mounted on to the surface. Reverse the screw a quarter turn to compensate for expansion and contraction!  


Place the letter and press it firmly into the male spacer.  




  1. Always use stainless steel screws.
  2. Screw hand-tight, then a quarter turn back (due to expansion and contracti-on).
  3. Spacers can only be used for assembly of facade letters. Spacers cannot be used for larger surfaces sheets.
  4. For expert advice on the correct size of the spacers please contact our sales department.



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