Mounting accessories



Type Colour 1 Package contains
mini transparent 250 males and 250 females
small white or black 250 males and 250 females
medium white or black 250 males and 250 females
large white or black 250 males and 250 females







Call us to get information about which spacers to use. Basically you can assume that the letters we offer in our documentation can be mounted with our spacers, if the letters are bigger we recommend no ussage of our spacers.


Installation Drawings

Installation drawings 1:1 (height 75 cm).

CA3030 Glue
Squeeze bottle 20 grams.
For bonding spacers on aluminium and stainless steel

Ruplo FL 1500 glue

Squeeze Bottle 20 grams.
For bonding spacers with Acrylox and Dibond.


Permacol HPL 328 glue

Squeeze bottle 100 grams.
For bonding spacers on Acrylox, foamed PVC and Acryl.


Stainless steel cleaner (200 ml)


Greasy fingers, dirt, surface damage, sea air and iron dust  -  for  example  signs  close  to  motorways  and railways  or  trams,  can  affect  the  oxide  layer  of  thestainless  steel  and  corrosion  can  occur.  Good  and regular maintenance of the stainless steel, depending on environmental factors is therefore essential. This should be carried out at least 4 times a year. We advise you to exclusively use a special chlorine-free stainless steel cleaner. This cleaner forms a protective layer to the stainless steel.


Stainless steel spacers

For mounting panels and nameplates
Material  stainless steel 316
Plate thickness 7-12mm
Wall distance 8 mm
Diameter 14 mm

Threaded pin/set screw


For easy installation of stainless steel letters a threaded pin or set screw is welded onto the back of the letter.




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