Acrylox introduction

Acrylox stands out!

With Acrylox®, developed by Signnovation, the creative sign maker who is looking to offer their customer top quality, can now achieve even more remarkable results. Acrylox is a strong, colourfast and maintenance-free product, making it the one of the most suitable products for interior or exterior use. Acrylox is available in different thicknesses, in a wide range of different RAL colours and in various designs, such as the extra translucent 19 mm thick Acrylox Translucent. Play with colours, thicknesses and designs and surprise your clients with facade signs that really stand out!


Acrylox in short
• Opaque and solid-coloured cast acrylic sheet    
• 3-year guarantee on colourfastness    
• Always in stock and in a very wide variety of RAL colours
• Available in 8 mm, 19 mm and 30 mm thickness    
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications    
• Sheet-ends have a smooth and straight-cut finish    
• Can be glued to stainless steel    
• Easy to assemble and maintain    
• Can be illuminated in the evening by means of spots or light beams from underneath



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