Acrylox backlit

Acrylox Backlit is an indirectly illuminated letter made out of 19 mm or 30 mm Acrylox with an in milled slot on the backside and provided with splash proof LED lighting (IP65). This letter emits light at the back, creating a corona around the letter. Advantages (compared with channel letters) are the quick delivery time and the lower production costs.  Available in the portrayed RAL colours and optionally sprayed in any other RAL colour. Mounting by means of spacers, clear plastic spacer tubes or threaded rods. 


Preferably mount Acrylox Backlit letters onto a satin and light coloured background in order to guarantee good lighting and light reflection. 




The backside of the letter.



A top layer of stainless steel  can be applied on the front side of this letter resulting in an even extra luxurious appearance.









General information  
Thickness 19 or 30 mm
Minimal bar width 22 mm
Avalable LED light colours white, yellow, red, green and blue
Delivery time approx. 2 weeks
Warranty 2 years
Price on request


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