Dionox TYPE 5

Acrylic letter illuminated by means of LED-lighting, sprayed in a 2-component finish in any desired RAL colour. Dionox type 5 emits light at the back of the letter, giving a corona around the letter. Resulting in a very exclusive look in your signage. Assembly by means of supplied plastic spacer tubes in combination with threaded rods. Type 5 letters can only be mounted onto a matte and light-coloured background in order to guarantee good lighting and light reflection


General information 

Application in- and outdoor usage
Light source  LED
Depth 20, 25 or 30mm (see table)
Height  40 up to 400 mm
Minimum bar width 10 mm
Front and side painted in any Ral colour
Delivery time approx. 3 weeks
Warranty 2 year (excluding indirect costs)





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