Profile 5 deluxe

Profile  5  Deluxe  is  the  new,  moreexclusive  variety  to  the  already existing  Profile  5  with  CAB  profile. This variety has an extra, beautifully finished front. By making use of 19mm  translucent  Acrylox,  which  is milled  with  a  recess,  allowing  the letter to fit neatly into the aluminium channel,  creating  a  3-dimensional effect. The thickness of the protruding edge can be between 3 and 15mm. The aluminium can be sprayed in any desirable colour; the illumination is  created  with  high-quality  LED lighting. The depth of the letter varies from 8 to 12 cm, depending on letter height and font.




General information

Depth 80, 100, 120 or 140mm
Min. x-height 200mm
Max. capital height 600mm
Min. bar width 25mm


Click on the image below for a magnified view of the color samples.




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