Flat box 4

Exclusive 3D look

FlatBox 4, in comparison to "normal" light boxes, can be produced with a small depth of 60, 80 or 120 mm. The text and/or logos are lasered in reverse image and punctured  with the 19mm Acrylox TRANSLU-CENT specifically developed for Signnovation, which provides it with the desired 3D effect. Despite the shallow depth of the FlatBox a uniform illumination is obtained because the energy efficient LED lighting is  refracted  by  the  thickness  of  the  translucent Acrylox. The 17 colours are also available in 3mm thickness, (by gluing this material in the same colour behind the reversed area) thus preventing a white edge becoming visible around the joint. FlatBox 4 will be supplied, ready to use, completely glued and fully wired.







General information

Depth 60, 80 or 120mm
Delivery time approx. 3 weeks


Click on the image below for a magnified view of the color samples.



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