Stainless steel profile 01P

Stainless steel profile 01P is a non-lit channel letter made entirely out of stainless steel. This is also available in an all-round closed version.

The channel letters are mounted using a soldered strip, which with wire ends makes a blind installation possible. Another option is providing the channel letter with a PVC bottom. In that case small screws will be visible.

If desired, Signnovation can pre-assemble channel letters completely.

  • Channel letter with luxurious appearance
Request price Maintenance instructions
Maximum capital height: Approx 1000 mm
Minimum x-height: 50 mm
Minimum stroke width: from 10 mm
Depth: from 10 mm
Delivery time: approx. 3 weeks

goud geslepen

goud spiegel

koper brute

koper geslepen

koper spiegel

zilver geslepen

Zilver spiegel

Assembly instructions

Assemble it yourself? Download one of our assembly instructions to get the job done.